Expert Manufacturer

As an expert leader, we manufacture 12+ million thyroid tests per year ranking us among the industry’s largest producers.

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Quality Controlled

Quality control materials and procedure are a useful method to help the laboratories verifying the accuracy and precision of their analytical methods.

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Expert in Autoimmunity

Our products are fully developed and manufactured in Germany and comply with the best practices and manufacturing standards.

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Affordable Price

Cardio markers, infectious diseases, drugs of abuse, and more. We provide diagnostic tests to suit all of your needs at the most affordable price.

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Biogen GmbH

Biogen GmbH is a German manufacturer of biochemical products for Medical Biology. Above all an independent German Company, Biogen GmbH is the signature of High-Quality Performances. Biogen GmbH Reagents comply with all your Quality requirements. Certifications of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003, give a direct evidence of our commitment.

More about us

What we do

Biogen GmbH custom develops and manufactures immunoassay products used by major reference labs, universities and research centers around the world, including ELISA, Ultra-Sensitive Chemiluminescent ELISA, RIA and PCR kits for IVD, RUO & ASR applications.

Why we do it

Biochemistry is applied to medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. In food science, biochemists research ways to develop abundant and inexpensive sources of nutritious foods, determine the chemical composition of foods, develop methods to extract nutrients from waste products, or invent ways to prolong the shelf life food products. In agriculture, biochemists study the interaction of herbicides with plants. They examine the structure-activity relationships of compounds, determine their ability to inhibit growth, and evaluate the toxicological effects on surrounding life.

Biochemistry spills over into pharmacology, physiology, microbiology, and clinical chemistry. In these areas, a biochemist may investigate the mechanism of a drug action; engage in viral research; conduct research pertaining to organ function; or use chemical concepts, procedures, and techniques to study the diagnosis and therapy of disease and the assessment of health.

That’s why we are determined to manufacture high quality biochemical products for the welfare of humanity.

Where we do it

We are operated under cGMP and ISO 13485 Standards in an FDA Registered Facility in Berlin, Germany. Our factory is situated in Berlin, Germany. Biogen GmbH also offers unique blood, saliva and research animal kits for clinical and pre-clinical testing. Our CLIA certified laboratory situated in Berlin focuses on servicing Clinical Trials and customized testing.

Our Capabilities

Quality of Products 100%
Research Facilities 95%
Help & Support 100%
Branding & Identity 85%